It's unusual for him to get up early.

It was terrorism.


You will tell me everything.

He put a cap on his head.

Everyone loves winners.


I haven't yet been told how much they are willing to pay.

I won't let you take them.

I really didn't understand it.

The girls want someone on a white horse holding a sword but not someone with a true heart.

Wes is Bruce's agent.

You've been helpful.

Who owns Africa's resources?

Can I sit next to him?

What a princess I'd feel like if I were able to go to Akasaka, have a wonderful meal and stay at a hotel.

You were wrong about the price.

Patricio should've listened to you.


Arnold's house is near the beach.

I think it's better to stay here.

But I haven't looked up this tracking number on the DHL website.

Terrance has been thinking.

Doyle was always there.


I decided to tell him that I love him.


You probably think you know how to do this, but let me explain it once more.


He's a ghostwriter.

A wooden-legged, glass-eyed mother is coming.

The police chief resigned.


You've told me that a hundred times.

Ronni made a polite bow to me.

Gideon doesn't need to do that. Jill will do it.


The group of people came along with us.

The learned are apt to despise the ignorant.

Fight fire with fire.

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I outsmarted Norm.

May I see your driver's license, sir?

Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I cannot recall, there lived not long ago a nobleman. To his name he had a lance in its sheath, an old leather buckler, a scrawny workhorse and a greyhound that scurried about.

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I want to be a baseball player.

Thank you for the great meal.

I said it in jest.

Nigel is a book lover.

I will not say play fair but I would wish that you refrain from indiscreet acts.

You'll come with me now.

Hey, are you crazy?

He didn't say a single word.

He came here before noon.

I only like to drink cold drinks.

Tao's missing.


We remember.

He has lived in Iceland for a long time.

I checked everywhere.


It doesn't make economic sense.


The children look afraid.

Stevan was more than disappointed.

When it comes to cooking, no one can beat me.


Irving is Kenn's girlfriend.

The idea is not new.

I was rudely awakened by a loud noise.

They believe him.

That's how I feel sometimes.


We look forward to receiving the catalog soon.


What was the difference?


Don't go praising yourself.

I don't know exactly where Kyoko lives, but it's in the direction of Sannomiya.

I have known that for a long time.

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I received an eReader for Christmas.

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David can speak French fluently.


Are you going to call Jamie?


At last, she was able to contact her old friend.

We had a very good time at a New Year's party.

There was blood on the knife.


I'll go and get you a doctor.

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I would rather not go shopping alone.

Let's play baseball with everyone.

Who are they?

I told Susan I just want to be friends.

I'd like to rent a car, please.

The airbag saved my life.

You did say that.


You must reply to that letter.

Let's leave it as it stands.

Nelken tried to trick us.

You've had a real hard time the last couple of days.

He hadn't eaten in two days.

Esperanto shouldn't replace native languages, but rather just become the second language for everybody.

Are you still living with your parents?

I'm a police officer.

If you hadn't done that, Valentin wouldn't have gotten upset.

Teri left the room in a hurry.

I had nothing left but misery.

Do you think he will like that?

Norbert is completely harmless.

I won't leave without Victor.

One thing Cindy does that isn't very safe is that he uses the same password for every website.

The situation was getting difficult to deal with.

What did you say your name was again?

He still has no experience for this job.

Talent is God-given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.


This is how we reached the conclusion.

Ninja will meet you at the station.

I told her that I'd help her.


I spent the weekend reading a long novel.

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Acid acts on things which contain metal.

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This is a very important meeting. You ought not to miss it.

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He is ashamed of having been idle in his youth.

I'm not making faces at them.

I get a kick from diving.

Why don't you go over to Joe's?

Klaus says he already knows the answer.

She always speaks in English.

Donne has a really big day ahead of him.

Collin never wrote Aimee back.

I am a damage doer.

I want another beer.

I already told you I'm not quitting.

Luck is blind.

The moon is low in the sky tonight.

I'm sorry to hear that your father passed away.

I demanded that he pay the debt back at once.

The danger of war passed.

I keep a large dictionary close at hand when I read English magazines.

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Judge has a meeting every Monday afternoon.

She lived with her elderly grandmother.

The stars are shining brightly tonight.

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We shouldn't be imprisoning people for such petty crimes.


"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all?" And then the mirror would always reply: "You, my queen, are fairest of all."

She rarely, if ever, goes out of town.

It wouldn't be fair to them.

I'll go get it now.

Are you waiting for something?

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The process of giving birth is very painful.

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You must remember to tell him all that you know.

Daffodils contain a toxic alkaloid that may even be lethal when ingested in high quantities.

Kusum invited me to come along.

Roxanne yelled something in French just before he dove into the water.

He has a sharp tongue.

I'm not sure I have the answers you're looking for.

I'd like to stay here with them.

The legendary footballer Diego Armando Maradona is from Argentina.

Irwin always seems so sure about himself.

Albert and her family came to the train station to see us off.

I found him the book.

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Do you think of me as a cool guy?


We offered him a good job.

I couldn't understand what was going on.

The elevator doors closed.

I'm very concerned about your health.

Show him in.

Where did you find my wallet?

What's Catherine even doing here?


I appreciate this.


Let's talk man to man.

Can I order now?

Everybody was listening intently to Trent.

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I think it is a mere coincidence.

Jonathan can speak just a little French.

He's much taller than you.

Speak gently to everyone.

You never donate anything to anybody.


You have a habit of exaggerating everything.

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Can I have a minute?