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I figured Joseph was asleep.


We're having a meeting at 2:30.


I think she really believes it.


I have no money today.

I warned him he was wearing my slippers.

How was it done?


Come on, who would believe that crap?

The song is well known to everybody.

What are you going to do over the weekend?

When I first met Lorien, I was eighteen.

I can speak Esperanto like a native.

Who wants to work on a Friday night?

Isn't it embarrassing going shopping for clothes with your mother even as a university student?


I met him by accident at the airport yesterday.

Did you like Elliot's concert?

Max sometimes gets too emotional.

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He's still underage.

The movie is X-rated.

I helped Jeanne decide where to hang the picture.

My train started at seven, arrived in New York at 10.

Is the water hot enough to make the tea?

In effect, flowers are the creators of honey.

Let's wait till Perry wakes up.

Everyone considers him to be honest.

That is a pure waste of time.

Jonathan was almost hit by a truck.

Believe me, I never did anything wrong.

Our troops were constantly harassed by the guerrillas.

I'm a little busy.


He's a fine young lad.


I see a giraffe.


Peter isn't anything like his father.

I wish I could've stayed longer.

Please make certain your seat belt is fastened.

He hurried down the road with long strides.

She's not my type.

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I'm not much of a drinker.

Milner has to have everything his own way.

I work in a flower shop.

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Connectivity can be rated by ease, cost, time, distance, or capacity. What about scenery? That's a cost factor. It may be positive or negative.

What type of TV news you watch?

It's my CD.

I don't need help.

You needed money, didn't you?

My bicycle had a flat tire, so I missed the seven o'clock train.

Today is a sunny day.


I'm really busy.

I can understand it.

President Clinton denied any dishonorable actions.

Where are the soldiers?

She thinks about him when she's feeling lonely.


Avery's not going to be happy when he finds out what happened.

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Jeany isn't always here.

I've never eaten anything like this before.

Do you want to go home?

I don't want to get upstaged.

Just listen to us.

Are you going, too?

She's my older sister.

How did you convince Clark?

Why is Thad laughing?

We don't have any time to waste.

He came to Japan when he was 10 years old.


Something seems to be wrong with this watch.

Please call us when you see the cat in this picture.

Jefferson was a happy president in those early days of 1801.


I understand what you say.

In many countries, buying or smoking cannabis is forbidden by law.

Briggs tucked his shirt into his pants.

I am relying on you to be honest.

Himawan had all of his suits made to order.

Maybe it's not a good idea.

What is this jeans?


Tor should have done it the way Benson told him to do it.

Since it's cloudy with a chance of rain today, we shouldn't go surfing.

I sent one.

The story ended all of a sudden.

Joubert has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

I was just teasing you.

Everyone survived.

Syd answered the question correctly.

You shaped the clay into a vase.

I need a Japanese-English dictionary.

I had no idea this was going to happen.

He gave her a kiss.

Happy birthday, my beloved friend.


I can't imagine my life without you.

We helped them as well.

I haven't been successful.


Connie isn't going to die.

She wants to learn to swim.

She will surely be enjoying a hot bath at this hour.

My wife suggested to me that I take her on the trip.

Can you get in?

Saumya has a reservation.

They quarreled among themselves.

She gets tired quickly.

We're just lucky.

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Caleb made himself get up.


The truth will clear soon.

This is a really good team.

Herb sent an email to Miltos.

There is a bottle in the fridge.

Those present were all against the plan.

Please send me your latest catalogue.

Sanjeev spent the night at a friend's house.

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Brazil is a big country.

Do you know what Marian is going to do?

Olaf travels a lot.

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Chris ate a doughnut.

No one can control him.

Jerome is being modest.

That's probably why.

Don't burn your bridges behind you.

Margie was absolutely miserable when his dog ran away.

I can help Luis find what he needs.

Are you dating him?

Tell them we're working on it.


What is your greatest fear?


I want him to know that.

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He graduated from some rinky-dink college in Oklahoma.


Refreshments are available.

Each time I see this picture, I remember my father.

Your comic books are on the shelf.

What's that picture inside your locker?

Leon is limping now.


This is a gift.

We've got everything.

I want you to see her.

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Please pay the tax.

In the summer, we enjoy outdoor sports.

Why do you need a comb if you're bald?

"Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all."

He is what we call a musical genius.

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In 1879 and 1880, Anton Chekhov and Ludwig Zamenhof attended the same school and became friends.

I think it's a miracle.

Our flying time tonight will be just under 6 hours, but I'll see if I can speed things up a bit.

Who are you spending Christmas with?

We all have a price.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

Was there someone else in the room?

When he appeared, the party livened up.

Travis wore a baseball cap.

He was suddenly struck with chest pain.

Why don't you come out with us tonight?

Ray wants Julia to keep him company.

Edmund has been told what happened.

The damage of the disaster has been enormous.

Most of the people working here are bilingual, trilingual and multilingual.


He's overreacting.

Kazuhiro and Judith rescued an orphaned kitten.

Scents, colors, and sounds respond to one another.

Things went great last night.

Can you help us or not?

I can't remember when was the last time I've seen her smile.

What was the geezer saying?

I'm taking the job.

Kylo has got more homework than me.

Do you drink tea or coffee?

Doyle has been very productive.

Think probably should go home now.

You are not permitted to bring dogs into this building.

That sounds like him.

Since her parents are Japanese, Mikey usually speaks Japanese at home.

I'm 1.9 meters tall.

Moving a huge boulder is going to be very hard.

My new job is harder than my old one.

Arthur, will you cover for me?