What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

My mother is a lawyer.

I'll be with you as soon as I finish this job.

CDs have taken the place of records.

The fact is we were not invited.

Damone was hiding in the mountains.

Besides fruit, we're going to have ice cream.

You look like you're in pain.


Seymour wasn't willing to pay such a high price.

He asserted that he was innocent.

My friend has arrived.


I found out that Don had lied.

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The article will be sent cash on delivery.

Japan depends on foreign countries for oil.

You'll soon get used to it.

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That was a big promise you made.

Dan found Linda's bike in the basement.

Ginny convinced Gregory not to marry John.

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She gave up.

Golf is for rich people.

The river flowed over its banks.

He didn't have enough experience to cope with the problem.

I have information.

I do want to know what you found out.

He copped to the murder.

Can I have a receipt, please?

Do you have any milk?

My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather all had the same name as I have.

Let's finish up in a hurry.

Just don't forget this.

All the world wishes to have peace.

How far is it from Boston to Chicago?

The JMdict/EDICT project has as its goal the production of a freely available Japanese-English Dictionary in machine-readable form.

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I'm conservative.


I don't remember his name.

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I think this wine is good.


I've tried that already.


She wasn't ready to return to her hometown.

I won't be running for mayor.

It makes me sad to think of her death.

What exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind.

Connie drives faster than Kory.


Compared to you, I'm just a beginner at this game.

Bacon comes from pigs.

I cried when Spy told me what had happened.

I've spent the entire morning cleaning my room.

You should let them help you.

Because it was raining, he went to the yard to collect the clothes from the clotheslines.

Let's wait till we hear from Tim.

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She takes pride in her looks.


I even wanted to shake his hand, but then I remembered that I had killed a man.

With so much noise I couldn't sleep last night.

I looked around for her.


Rodney performed the ceremony.

We should be better than this.

I'm not sitting next to her.

You should stick to what you say.

Few people have typewriters.

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a ramp, jump and try to land as far as possible.

He is both tall and handsome.


I want to help, but I can't.

Let me out of here.

He stretched and took a deep breath.


Are you finished with your work?

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Robin demanded more information.

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The rich are not always happier than the poor.

I saw a cocoon on the tree.

He hurried to the house only to find that it was empty.

I didn't know, so don't give me a hard time.

Is that what you want me to say?


Lui shouldn't have told Tracy about that.


The night will be cold.


This is the last one we have.

A policeman came up to me.

Who started Disneyland?

Everybody will be very glad.

I'm from New Zealand.

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She burst into sobs.

Do you have any drinks?

I like it when you do that.

You are not an advocate.

Affirmative, sir.


I'd like to get together with you before I leave for Europe.

You're the only one I can trust.

I didn't say anything at all about our plan.


Marcos loves playing Irish tunes on the fiddle.


We don't get many visitors around here.


I will write to him at once.

It would be impossible to estimate how many crimes went undetected last year.

The death of my mother left a big blank in my life.

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Sheila is still thinking about what to do.

The devaluation of the currency dealt a crippling blow to the nation's economy.

Everybody knows that you're lying.

I wish you had come with us.

We have already seen this film.


You don't look bad in these pictures, you are that way.


I think this is yours.

Whoever stole the money should be fired.

He kept it secret.

We're very happy for you.

Will you give me the recipe for your salad?


The less you spend, the more you save.

You should give Floyd and Giles more to do.

Vernon, as his usual, lagged at the beginning of the sentence, when Orville, already twelve words ahead of him, stood now in its middle.


What sort of temperature are we going to have tomorrow?


Luis needs some help.

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So, what do you want to do tomorrow?


The climb will be steep and difficult.

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The project can get underway only with difficulty.

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What is the most important tool ever invented?

I made a fool of myself.

This global company follows GAAP.

Loyd said he'd never leave me.

He's sitting beside his sister.

You should take her illness into consideration.

The company was started with $100,000 in capital.

Cold weather and insects destroyed their crops.

I had some trouble.

He was born within the sound of the Bow bells.

Who would want to kill me?

Have I broken a law, officer?

It is warmer today than yesterday.


It has been raining for three days on end.

It's my fault, you know.

Dorothy asked how much it cost.

Some say that Ramses II had six women and more than 100 children.

That's Amy's signature.

Why do you stay with her?

You're an optimist.


Circumstances have changed.

You'll give yourself away.

You've already made your decision, haven't you?


The teams had just started to play when it began to rain.

Which is larger, Tokyo or Kobe?

You're going to have to quit skipping classes.

Kill me! Kill me! Kill all of me!

Benson noticed that his hands weren't clean.

I could hardly follow what Jane said in her speech.

It'll be easier for me to do since I have the right tools.

The preparation starts tomorrow

Don't you have to be somewhere?


I suppose we won't meet again.

Some of his students admired him, and others despised him.

You don't need to do that.

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Please tell me you aren't that stupid.


You have our offer.

I want to leave, disappear, forget everything and everyone.

He decided to study law.

He and I want to dance a lot and go for a walk.

We'll never know the truth.


Did you tell on her?


Death never surprises a wiseman: he is always ready to go.

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We haven't seen Amanda.

Herb decided to lay low for a few days.

Tests showed that Alex wasn't just mimicking.