She was just trying to be friendly.

This is taking way too long.


I think I should handle this as soon as possible.

That's beautiful. I love it.

This is a great idea.


Many caregivers suffer from depression.

I worked a lot today.

I told Michael I wanted him to quit.

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The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

Raphael and Maurice seem to be enjoying themselves.

Whatever you say, he won't change his mind.

The Tigers lost the game, which was a surprise to us.

Nguyen wrote right back to Pim.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Donn made himself as comfortable as possible.


It's always a pleasure to see you.


Here's a list of what we need to find.


I thought you said you worked here.

Dominic and I were both invited.

It's a legitimate worry.

Frank assured me there would be no problems.

Timothy spent a sleepless night thinking of Daniele.

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Don't take the trouble to come and meet me.

Sonja kicked Spudboy in the stomach.

They probably saw our ship come into port.

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I really admire you.


Do you? Why?

He was supposed to speak with Juri.

Which is larger, Japan or England?

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Let me just clarify that.

I'm getting Samuel out of here.

He said so with humor.

I'm trying to decide what to do next.

This book makes pleasant reading.

Oh boy ... when they hang out with you for long everyone ends up picking up your bad habits.

I hope nothing bad will happen to us.


Everybody's talking about it.

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It doesn't sound too hard.


I think we're going to need to put this project on the back burner for a little while.

It being rainy, I stayed home.

Some day or other you will find a husband who has been made expressly for you, and will live happily with him till death separates you.

What's my doctor's name?

Although he may be clever, he is not wise.

Pim needs some help.

Who did you see eating with Novorolsky?

Who took the picture?

You don't look bad in these pictures, you are that way.


Let us never speak of this again.

She's wearing low-rise jeans.

How dare you behave so rudely!

Did they say how?

You seem to be way too busy.

Do you think he will like it?

Did you break up with Deb?

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Mother's illness kept her at home yesterday.

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The manager sent the bunt sign to the batter.

He entered the boutique.

That's the car I'm going to buy.


If you win the lotto, what will you do with the money?

I'm here on vacation.

They work in near total darkness.

They have had no rain in Africa for more than a month.

In the past, some people with cancer or other chronic illnesses ran out of insurance coverage because their health care expenses reached a dollar limit imposed by their insurance company. Under the health care law, insurers can no longer impose lifetime dollar limits on essential health benefits and annual limits are being phased out by 2014.


We neither moved nor made any noise.


She was pretty, wasn't she?


I got up so early that I caught the train.


I saw Charleen and Martha at a party together.

He lived quietly in the latter years of his life.

My mailbox has been empty since last month.


Kate took off his coat and hung it over a chair.

I am a colonel.

Scotland is famous for its woollen textiles.

The beauty of the lake was beyond description.

Do you know the man gazing at you?

I asked Eddie to stop.

We would've been able to do this faster if Tollefsen weren't here.

If you want a ticket, please raise your hand.

I'm sorry you drew the short straw on this.

Are they going to arrest them?

Nevertheless, I want to see her.


I didn't know Dennis was planning to go to Boston.

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Axel made a dress for Hilda.


The end of which there were two little sketches of rhetoric and logic, the latter finishing with a specimen of a dispute in the Socratic method.

No one can do it but you.

Well, what's wrong with it?

We have unfinished business.

This is the person they say stole the car.

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I wasn't sure.

He has expensive tastes.

If you don't want to eat potatoes, then sit hungry.

We're friends, aren't we?

She sang the song softly.


What are your worries?

You do not have to do it now.

Ken couldn't remember that guy's name.

This is an easy mistake to make.

Listening to the personal analysis about global economy made by people who watch only CCAV has always been kinda funny.


This first question is for you.

I don't think you heard what I said.

Where did you get this coat?

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Debbie said you speak French.


That's probably what happened.

Take it, or leave it.

Root repaired my watch for me.

Either Jim or I have to tell her about it.

According to legend, ghosts would appear in that forest, so people would not set foot there.

This shouldn't be a big deal.

Kayvan will be rewarded.


She was hit by a car while she was crossing the street.

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I've got something better.

Kristi said that he had never loved Josh, nor would he ever love her.

We're having difficulty finding someone who'll lend us the money we need.

You can't buy respect.

Unique ideas helped him to earn a high income.


Marguerite doesn't feel much like talking right now.

I still think it's good.

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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Marty looked discouraged.


I don't have a tattoo.

My friend has a large family.

She turned her head away, lest he should see her tears.


The investigators sent a glass and a pair of socks to the laboratory for examination.

Niels had never been to Boston.

I want to see him.


Can you die from fear?


Do you suffer from involuntary urination?

Our plan was objected to by the majority.

Adlai and Jos are going to get married next month.

I like to study English.

Jill just shot Juri.

You're a better cook than I am.

I don't like your patronising tone.

Stefan is not as smart as he likes to think he is.

I don't have enough money to buy the latest smartphone.

Uri has a few more things to do before he can leave.

What kind of songs are popular these days?

My plans failed one after the other.

I certainly don't see it that way.

The hills are bathed in sunlight.

Did you talk to her on Monday?

I have to cook the vegetables.

Ping is not yet able to swim.


You suspect Earnie, don't you?


Duane's birthday is March 25th.

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The old castle is in a sad state.

Whatever the outcome, you must meet the challenge.

I thought I wouldn't know the answers.


Hasn't Jim returned yet?

Put the book on top of the others.

I'll try asking Think for some money.


Erick and Duke both left early.

We've run out of gasoline.

Who usually sits on the dunce's seat?

He got up enough guts to break the ice at the board meeting.

Now you're talking.

This box is light enough to carry.

Kerry grew more agitated.